the plan


Unguided Nations is a live year-long, choose-your-own-adventure travel vlog. It begins in London on August 9th and from there, nothing else is planned other than to roughly cover most of Europe and Asia. 

For the bigger choices - where to go, what cool spots to hit - that will be left up to you through comments on YouTube.

For some of the smaller choices - from daily outings to what to order from a menu - I'll be crowd-sourcing it live on Instagram and YouTube

So please follow along, and help me wander nation to nation, totally unguided.


the Vlog

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The Man


Richie is a born and raised Arizonan, from the blistering heat of Phoenix.

Always the attention-seeker, he turned to dark humor at a young age.  

The next several years can only be described as a series of crazy hairstyles. Luckily, a few years later...

It got so much worse. Like, he drove a f***in hearse through college.

Eventually he got married, got divorced, and moved to NYC on a cross-country comedy tour. He's performed comedy and moved furniture all over NYC and became a frequent guest on the Keith and The Girl podcast.

Now, he's ready to break out of the US, but has no idea what he's doing. Surely, this will end well.